Boutique Hair Bow Tutorial ~ Halloween

 Hi There! So, I’m sure you’ve figured out by now that when I say tomorrow, I mean two days from now, right?
We’re going to make this cute Halloween bow today, and it’s a bit more complicated than some others. However, once you get the technique to making boutique style bows down, they deliver a lot of fluff and cuteness for little time investment.
  • lined hair clip
  • 13 inches of 3/8″ ribbon
  • 3 inches of 3/8″ ribbon
  • 22 inches of 7/8″ ribbon
  • needle and thread
  • hot glue gun
We’re going to start by taking our all our ribbon, and heat sealing the ends. I used a 7/8″ glitter ribbon and a 3/8″ metallic ribbon, so I left the ends raw. You cannot heat seal glittered or metallic ribbon. It will catch on fire.
Take your 22 inch long 7/8″ ribbon which will be the base of our bow, fold it in half, and mark the center.
Take one end and bring it to that center mark, making a loop. You want the pretty side of the ribbon to be facing towards you, like an awareness ribbon.
Holding that tight, do the same with the other end, only looping it in the opposite direction. The ribbon ends should overlap each other on top of the center mark.
Now, the narrower your initial loops are, the fluffier your final bow will look. Feel free to experiment by making your loops rounder or thinner, and see what results you get.
While holding the center tightly, grab the top of one of the loops with your other hand, and bring it down and behind the center. This is what the front should look like.
And this is what the back should look like. You can easily adjust this to make sure the little loops this creates are even.
Go ahead and do the same with the other large loop, slight overlapping the middle points. It should look like an X on the front.
And a smushed together = sign on the back.
Take an extra hair clip and slide it over the center to hold the bow together, giving your fingers a needed break, and the opportunity to make sure all your loops are even. This will be your last chance to make adjustments!
Take your needle and thread, and put a large knot in the end of your thread.
And do a running stitch through all the layers right in the center of your bow. You’ll only want about 3 or 4 stitches. Go ahead and remove your clip. Now you’ll pinch a few pleats into the center of your bow while pulling the thread taut.
Take your thread and wrap around the pinched center of your bow about 4 to 5 times, more if you’re using a stiff ribbon.
Pull your needle through the back of your wraps and tie a couple of knots to secure, then clip off your thread.
Here’s your boutique bow! That’s all there is to making it. Next we’re going to make a second one to layer on top, with a knotted center.
Take your 13 inches of 3/8″ ribbon, and following the directions above again, make another boutique bow.
Grab your approximately 3 inch section of 3/8″ ribbon,
And tie a knot in the center.
Here we have all the parts of our bow ready to assemble.
Take your little boutique bow – make sure the front X side is facing up-, and put a dot of hot glue in the center.
Stick the center of your knotted piece of ribbon – with the pretty side of the knot facing up – down on your dot of glue and hold to secure.
Flip your bow over and glue down one of your tails.
Trim that tail.
And do the same with the other tail.
Now you have a nice and neat center for your bow.
 Take your large boutique bow – making sure the front X side is up – and put a big dot of glue in the center.
 Stick your little boutique bow down on top of your large one, and hold to secure.
Grab your lined clip, and run a bead of hot glue across the top.
Place your bow on top and hold until glue cools.
You’re finished!
If your little one has fine hair, you can add a non-slip grip too.
I know it seems like a lot of steps, but once you get the basic technique down, you can make boutique bows with several layers in a matter of minutes.
And this one is just right for Halloween!


  1. I am going to feature this tutorial on my blog this weekend, Craft Quickies. It should get you some good exposure (I hope)! It is beautiful! I love love love your witch tutu dress. I saw it on the costume contest and knew I had to come peek around! I can’t imagine being able to do ANYTHING with three kids under four! You’re awesome!