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Hi There!!

As you may have noticed, I’ve been virtually non existent on here for about the past month. You want to know why?

I started to feel stifled. Like the “mommy in suburbia” brand limited me in too many ways. I began to feel like I couldn’t write about things that weren’t approved of in the “mommy blogger” or “craft blogger” circles.

I don’t like feeling like I’m being told that I can’t or shouldn’t do something, or that I have to do something a certain way for it to be right. Just ask my mother ;) I started to feel frustrated that I felt like I wasn’t allowed to curse, talk politics, admit I feed my kids corn dogs, or say that I think mason jars and paper mustaches are ugly. Because I do.

I want to feel free to say that I love playing with makeup, hate cleaning the kitchen, and love going to Renaissance Faires.

Oh, and that whole “mommy” stigma surrounding what mothers should wear? Is absolutely disgusting. Telling a woman that she shouldn’t wear a bikini after having kids, or how to dress to hide her “mommy tummy” is tantamount to giving women an excuse to stop caring about themselves and shoving them into a frumpy “we’re all the same” box. It drives me up the wall. I’m sick of reading about it on other blogs and getting emails from PR companies who want me to promote their tummy wraps and miracle diets.

That’s why I’m ditching the “mommy in suburbia” name. I’m tired of being shoved in a box where I’m expected to wear cardigans and make wall art out of toilet paper rolls. It’s just not me.

I’ll leave this blog up for a while, and perhaps transfer over some of my most popular posts. However, this will be my last post on here. 

From now on, you can find me over at JoannaBrooks.net, where I’ll be writing about life, beauty, family, and a lot of the stuff I already write about here. Minus the filter. Minus the expectations of a “mommy blog.”  Plus a fresh youtube channel featuring makeup, nail, and hair tutorials, and a whole lot more of my opinions. 

I hope to see you there!!


This Is Strangely Reminiscent of the Seven Plagues

Note: I wrote this on Tuesday, but am just getting it up today. Updates soon to follow.

I don’t like to start writing again on a negative note, but last week was no picnic and this week is shaping up to be worse. Early last week, one by one, the kids started getting sick. Fevers, stuffy, sniffly, and all the other symptoms of a lovely viral cold. I was wiping noses and serving up fluids, figuring it would all be over quick.

I should know better by now. We rarely get sick around here, but when we do, we make it count. On Thursday afternoon, Katie began breaking out in a rash on her tummy. Okay, I figured. Simple viral rash that would go away in a day or two. She’s had one before. And then it spread to her arms, legs, back, and face. 

It was still getting worse on Sunday, so we decided to take her to immediate care to get her checked out. She’s not fully immunized yet, and it looked like it could be measles or even the beginning of chicken pox. After 2 hours at the doctors, they said it wasn’t chicken pox, measles, fifths disease, or Kawasaki disease. So, he titled it a viral exanthem. Which is medical terminology for “any rash caused by a virus, including measles, fifths disease, rubella, etc.” Well, that diagnosis certainly helps. Not.

As of today, it’s still all over her. This would be day 6 of her having a rash. Thankfully, it doesn’t seem to be bothering her too much. We’re just keeping her slathered in lotion and watching out for any other symptoms that might show up.

The other kids were doing much better. Until this morning. My husband woke me up at 6 am (first clue that something was wrong) and without putting a cup a coffee in my hands before I opened my eyes (yes, I am an addict). Uh oh. Something was really, really wrong. Like a flood, or a fire, or a visit from my mother in law.

Alexis had thrown up. He got her all comfy on the couch, and I found the pink throw up basin I hoarded from the hospital after my first delivery. It always helps a little girl if she has something cute to hold onto, rather than a cleaning bucket. Then she threw up again. I gave her some zofran tablets her doc had given her the last time she was sick. And then she got sick again. The good news is that there’s not much left in her stomach, so it’s calmed down a bit. 

Unfortunately, Mike had to go to work, and after only 4 hours of sleep I feel a little like death. So I’m crashed out on the other end of the couch with my pillow and blanket, trying to get some rest before the other kids wake up. I’m just praying that this is a random bug that only hits Alexis, and not the stomach flu, which will take all of us down without mercy. The last time we all had the stomach flu, yours truly ended up in the hospital from dehydration. 

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Project Life 2013 {Week 18}


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Project Life 2013 {Week 17}


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Project Life 2013 {Week 16}


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Project Life 2013 {Week 15}


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